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Paintless Dent Repair Temecula

Traditional body shop methods required straightening, filling, sanding, painting, and a big bill to repair even the smallest dents. With Paintless Dent Repair in Temecula the filling, sanding, and painting are no longer necessary, and therefore the cost goes down because repair time is as much as eighty percent shorter and no materials are necessary. Also, since painting is not required, problems associated with a color match are gone and there can’t be any damage from over-spray.

black dent
tesla dent repair
michael pdr temecula
temecula paintless dent repair
pdr murrieta
paintless dent repair murrieta
range rover dent repair

Saves You Money

PDR usually takes a fraction of the time versus the time it takes a body shop.

Maintaining the original factory paint.

Your car will never have better quality paint than its original factory paint.

Safe for the environment.

PDR does not use any harmful paint dust, chemicals, or solvents. 

How is it Done?

PDR can be accomplished when trained technicians gain access from behind the panel and massage the dent back to its original shape using specially designed tools.

Glue Pulling is another method of PDR when access from behind the panel cannot be achieved. Hot glue is applied on a specially designed tab and then set on the dent.


Once cooled, a slide hammer is connected to the tab and hammers the dent out. This is a difficult talent to acquire and takes a good amount of knowledge to achieve.

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